What is YoleeDAO?

YoleeDAO is the place where every metaverse player has fair power to build their dreams.

Vision and Mission

YoleeDAO is managed and supervised by the YUS holders. The goal of YoleeDAO is to allow all users who love the original universe to truly advance their common dreams with a fair share of power. The Yolee DAO vote determines which projects can join, the use of the Yolee DAO pool, and the development of the Yolee ecosystem. With the help of Yolee DAO, Yolee Universe will gradually develop into a grand ecosystem with more products to offer.
In Q4 2022 we expect to open the YoleeDAO NFT marketplace (using WETH transactions), which contains additional revenue with Yolee as the Yolee DAO, helping the Yolee DAO expand the pool of available funds to better support and drive the entire Yolee ecosystem.
As Yolee continues to evolve, we hope that it will become the navigator of the new proto-universe, and that it will continue to drive the development of new projects and the improvement of old ones to achieve a fully decentralized metaverse.


Yolee is a completely player-driven game created by all team members who are very passionate about games and have a very rich experience in the gaming industry. After discussions and planning within the team, Yolee decided to abandon private placement and build the YoleeUniverse ecosystem with a DAO framework. Under this ecosystem, the community and the team can build Yolee together and receive YUS incentives. Different incentives will also accelerate the contribution of different communities to YoleeUniverse, so that the Yolee community can form a huge and mutually influential network.
YoleeDAO will start supporting the construction and development of new projects in early Q2 2022, with the amount and resources depending on the community's vote. The development of new projects will also diversify YoleeDAO's financial resources and accelerate the development of the Yolee ecosystem, a decentralized meta-universe with games as the main focus.


Yolee is managed by the DAO, however, for structural stability, there will be a number of Yolee members who will help initiate, drive and realize the common vision of the community. The development of the Yolee ecosystem will be decided by the DAO, formed by the holders of $YUS and $YUS-WETH LP.
Yolee has canceled the private placement program and will invest 20% of YUS to drive the development of Yolee DAO, and Yolee will gradually achieve full DAO development in Yolee 2.0.
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